Information Design Sensibility

Preparing information designers for the challenging future

A project of the Information Design Atelier

The project entitled Information Design Program seeks to create an innovative educational model to prepare future innovators. The program will need to assist the learners in developing and nurturing a new sensibility which can turbocharged creativity in their design careers. It thus moves away from the traditional career preparation approach to design and experiments with alternative means of personal development.

Then goal is to develop in the person a new information sensibility to bring to the task of design. This new sensibility combines attitudes from various other sensibilities, specifically...

The new information sensibility does not define creativity, but it allows it to be engaged and expressed in the design process. The new sensibility is an attitude towards design, a framework within which to operate in a design context. It is not a set of techniques, nor a background of knowledge [even though these are important in its nurturing], but rather, it is a mindset in approaching a design task.

Some of the specific techniques that information design sensibility subsumes [without these capturing its essence] are...

Underlying these techniques and the intellectual aspect of information sensibility are the various realms of being that situate us in the world and that will largely define future evolution. A well developed information design sensibility rests on a very open mind that is constantly tuning into various challenge spaces and that constantly challenges itself and its creations.

Much effort remains to elucidate further the nature of information design sensibility, but it is quite clear that is is the stuff of innovation and must become the basis for developing and nurturing future design.

        Philip Duchastel via e-mail