Information Design Program

A project in creative advanced education

A project of the Information Design Atelier

The Information Design Program seeks to be an innovative educational venture that serves two purposes:

This project needs to emerge and unfold within a formal educational institution that is innovation oriented. The Atelier can collaborate in establishing such a program, without however hosting it.

The aim of the project is to create an intellectual structure that uses the best in new technologies and in learning research to establish an advanced educational program to prepare the information design leaders of the future. Their preparation involves coming to grips with the nature of information as it interacts with societal structures through the evolving technologies; with an ease of adaptation to these future technologies; with an aesthetic sense that is ever creative and user-centered; and with the social skills that invite collaboration and good project management. Information design in the context of the evolving technologies is a new field and one that will continue to evolve rapidly. The Program to be established must be always on the leading-edge of the fields it intersects and can be expected to become the model for many such programs around the world as these are established.

The focus of the Program is the development of a new information design sensibility.

The design of the Program will of course fit the institutional context within which it is offered and will be designed by those involved in that context.

The following are some initial thoughts that could influence the eventual design...

Other elements of design will emerge naturally in collaboration.
        Philip Duchastel via e-mail