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Information Design? Not to be confused with graphic design! 


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The theory of information design explores the underpinnings and implications of design technology   

Work in progress of an analytical nature ...  
Travels with Duncan 2: Duncan in InfoSpace - Second of a series of 4 philosophical dialogues, this one focusing on information theory and its context. 
Information Ontology - Exploring the deep questions about information and information processing. 
Learning * Technology * Instruction [one-page .doc file to download]- Outline for a proposed book analysing and consolidating the theories underlying these crucial contemporary areas of R&D.
If you are also working in either of these areas, please get in touch.

Prior work in this line ...  
Writings touching on information adventures.  
Exploring Virtuality  - On whether we are dealing with a proper virtual realm or merely with an aspect of the mental realm. 

The Role of Knowledge in the Cyber World  - On our changing relationship with knowledge as we increasingly come to share cognition with information agents. 

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Potential work of a design nature ...  
One of the best ways to explore the deeper issues is to push the envelope within a real design context.  
Codex Project, a venturesome entry into the investigation of information and its context.  
Information Design Educational Program - An institutional venture in advanced education.  

Creative collaborators are welcome - please get in touch.