Past work from the Atelier

Learning Interfaces and Knowledge Interfacing in Cyberspace - Touching on issues of information and knowledge, how we conceive of them and how we relate to them.
Design for Web-Based Learning - Outline of a design methodology to help developers in their work of preparing web-based learning materials.
Instructional Design in the Information Age - On how instructional design theories will evolve in an age that is ever more information intensive.
Prolegomena to a theory of instructional design. On what we might consider as the requirements for a full theory of instructional design.
Information Design for Cyberspace - Rethinking the design of information for a context of new human usage and artificial agent usage.
Towards an Informational Realm - Introducing the information realm as evolving out of previous ones and creating a context in which human and artifactual cognition share the stage of information processing.
Beyond HCI - Looking ahead to a field of human conputer interaction reshaped by a post-functional approach and by the advent of autonomous agents.
Exploring Virtuality  - On whether we are dealing with a proper virtual realm or merely with an aspect of the mental realm.
Ontological Computing - On the general issue of ontologies, viz. ‘How best to structure our concepts for effective computation’.
Learnability - The basic question is this: What makes the content of a site [or of some resource] learnable?
Theory on the Wall... - On theory-building in HCI and the difficulties of coming to grasp with where HCI fits within computing.
Information Interaction - Can there evolve an autonomous Leibnizian processing in which information interactions take place on their own?

The Role of Knowledge in the Cyber World   - On our changing relationship with knowledge as we incresingly come to share cognition with information agents.  

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