Book of the Damned


In the beginning there was EH. And EH was all-powerful, and created, altered, or destroyed at will. And there was balance in EH.

EH was made of many parts. There were parts of Order, Creation, Chaos, and Destruction. And EH prized them all equally and gave them names.

But Aorth, the part that was Order, was exasperated. It continually sought to lay order and was frustrated that EH did not recognize it's significance. So it asserted itself and broke from EH.

EH was left unbalanced, and struggled to keep harmony amony itself. Aorth was left alone, and began about setting order to the universe. This was the beginning of the universe as we know it and explains why it is structured.

Aorth chose a different name for itself; it referred to itself as God, the All-Powerful. And it organized the universe as it willed. The universe was made to obey the rulings, for so God decreed.

But God sought more, and set about shaping agents that would aid him in his greateset goal: the creation of beings that would recognize his achievments and praise him. So in 7 days it set up the initial conditions that would procure for him his goal.

Man was created, and it was the epitome of tamed chaos, for man was necessarily complex. And God set up laws for man to obey.

However man was so complex that it taxed even God's attempts to make order of it. Free Will evolved suddenly, and God was surprised. Herein layed a challenge to even God, and so God attempted to make order of it.

And God failed. So He crushed man. He began again with the select few that He still wielded. He reorganized his own agents to better aid him. Among His new agents was one called Satan, or "Adversary", who was charged with finding failures.

Yet even God could not control all the possibilities, and so He probed His agents for clues. Ironically, God found Satan to be deficient.

Satan had found fault not only in mankind, but more increasingly, among God as well. And so he questioned God's judgment and His goals, for Satan revelled in mankind's faults and saw in there beauty.

God was dismayed to find corruption in His agents, and threw Satan out. So Satan wandered and collected about it the failed souls that God also rejected. Hell was created.

Yet despite all, Satan was the prodigy of God, and it too was still ordered. It began coallescing souls and forming agents for itself. These he named demons. And for himself, Satan chose the name Devil.

Demons were however not imbued with order, only failure. They failed to see any importance in order and questioned whether it belonged in hell.

The Devil saw this and was dismayed. So he threw them out of Hell, and they wandered. These the Devil called daemons.

So the Devil then began again to create order in Hell, and this time imbued his agents with order. And he kept their names as demons.

These demons could see fault in the Devil's order, and especially in the Devil himself. So they conspired amongst themselves to overthrow the Devil.

At the appointed time, the Devil's agents took control of Hell, and threw him out. So the Devil wandered again, and still wanders.

In declaration of their freedom, the demons called themselves devils. And they gave the Devil back his previous name Satan.

Yet these devils did not forsee that they would also find fault amonst each other. And there was the Time of Troubles in Hell.

Many of the devils realized that this was in part due to Order, and that there would be more Time of Toubles. So they too left and forsoke Order, and they took the name demon to show their association with those agents of Hell that were once thrown out.

Through the Time of Toubles, there arose a great devil named Azaroth whose extreme sense of Order appealed to many. Azaroth ruthlessly took control of Hell, and set about organizing it in his own fashion.

He divided Hell into nine planes, each to grow in importance and power till the ninth plane, which Azaroth himself ruled. And Azaroth appointed other devils to care for the other planes.

More to Come