Gaming Addiction

In my ongoing career as a gaming addict, I've produced a couple of gems for some games that I play a lot.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle

Ravening Hordes Beta Army Builder List - I haven't actually played, but it looks cool. This is an army builder list for Ravening Hordes, which is a "Get You By" list of armies for WHBv6.


Necessary Choices - One of the first Starcraft scenarios to hit the net. Also one of the best. It reigned supreme for at least 2 months after Starcraft was released. After that I lost track.

Civilization 2

Cities.gif - My own personal mod file for the cities of Civ2.

Units.gif - This file replaces the units of Civ2.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

Heroes of the Mist - I've provided some info on the characters that I'm currently playing in an ongoing campaign.